Lilongwe Wildlife Centre welcomes Bilbo

5 month old yellow baboon, Bilbo, arrived at the Centre two weeks ago. The young male had been taken captive and was being sold illegally at the side of a road here in Lilongwe. After a family had bought him, friends informed them about the negative impacts of the illegal animal trade which subsequently led to the family’s decision to bring the young baboon to the Centre. Needing full-time attention, two of our volunteers, Maartje and Sue, jumped at the chance to share the role of ‘mother’ and have already both adopted this baby baboon and officially named him Bilbo. It’s been a busy week!

Although Bilbo spent his first 5 days here at the vet clinic, he was quite the cheeky monkey with lots of energy and a playful character! Balancing the need for initial survival and welfare with the desire to see as many animals as possible released back into the wild where they belong, human contact is limited to a minimum and he has already made a smooth transition to quarantine where he has been introduced to a 3 year old female, JoJo.

Judging by the wounds Bilbo had when he was first brought to us, it seems he has had a rough start in life but after spending time at the Centre, there is already noticeable improvement. As a volunteer who worked with Bilbo in quarantine just two days ago, I can say from personal experience that he has undoubtedly settled in well and has already bonded with his new friend. The only trouble he will face is protecting his beloved milk bottle from a jealous JoJo!

By Becca Masson, Volunteer, Lilongwe Wildlife Centre

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